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◢ the list

School name: KPSMHS
Rival school: Omona

Lee Sooman - Principal
JYP - Vice Principal who gets his pleasures from suspending students
Boom - the Dean
Kang Hodong - Head of P.E. Department
Rain - P.E. teacher
Tiger JK - Social Studies teacher who supplies the kids w/ marijuana and booze
Mike - the wise janitor
Hyori - school nurse
3Chongsa - Cafeteria workers
Brian - Religion teacher who refuses to admit he's gay

DBSK - Drama kids
Super Junior - Football team (Heechul - water boy)
Or there's this instead:

Leeteuk - Dude that wear's the school mascot outfit thingy
Heechul - Gay metal head (like Rob Halford from Judas Priest)
Han Geng - Foreign kid with the heavy accent so no one knows what the fuck he's saying
Yesung - The annoying dude that hangs around the popular kids
Kangin - Party guy that bangs a lot of chicks (and knocked Hyuna up)
Shindong - Soon to be frat boy
Sungmin - Gay or the meterosexual who dates college girls
Eunhyuk - In some dance team...or something
Donghae - Dude that gets all the chicks
Siwon - Annoying christian kid who invites all the emo kids to his youth group
Ryeowook - Gay orchestra kid
Kibum - Dropped out and is trying to be an actor
Kyuhyun - Video game/anime/overall nerd
SNSD - Cheerleaders
SHINee & f(x) - Glee Club
The Trax - Metal heads/air guitar kids
2PM - Jocks / Meatheads
2AM - Choir
Wonder Girls - Preps
Big Bang - Wangstas
2NE1 - Scenesters
SS501 - Nerds
Kara - Drifter
CN Blue - Indie kids
MBLAQ - Hot new kids on the block
FT Island - Alternative kids (who carry around drum sticks 24/7)
UKISS - Gays (gets stuffed in lockers)
After School - Drumline
D-NA - Socially irrelevant
BEG - Color Guard
T-Ara - Populars
Beast - Cross Country team
Rainbow/Secret - Freshmen girls who think they're hot shit

Yunho - sexy senior class president
Yoseob - class clown
Se7en - the kid who dropped out & there are 1001 rumors about what happened to him
BoA - fancy life overseas, then came back and...who?
Hyuna - school skank
Jessica - head cheerleader who's a closet whore, Heechul's fag hag
Jay - "this is gay"
Seunghyun - hot skater that girls cream their panties over; his skater friends admire him for his sense of humor. His nickname is "Bob"
Chansung - Special Ed boy
Jokwon/Key - Fashion Police
Sunye - Jokwon's fag hag
Nicole - Key's fag hag
Zhou Mi - exchange student from China
Amber & Henry - tries to be ~gangster~ but fails

Please note that this has nothing to do with Clichéd High, we just wanted to give homage to the original list that spawned the idea for this game. :)
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